1. An experienced driver with a little past just wondering ..would you pick Paschall truck lines or Southern Refrigerated Trucking. And Why? I know they are not the best companies in the world but anyone have experience? PTL is offering .43-44cpm and SRT .42-45cpm (depending on verifications).


  2. If it were me, I’d look at these concerning both companies:
    PTL – dry van and stays eastern states, except some teams may run west.
    SRT – refrigerated and runs coast to coast.
    Personal preference; I’d choose SRT because I prefer coast to coast refrigerated trucking.
    Which do you prefer?


  3. Big-M Transportation is a 48 state carrier that sometimes hires drivers with a “little past.”
    The company isn’t too well known and it’s not large either.


  4. I know a guy who lives in Clarksville, he actually did well with PTL. He was out on the road maybe 3 weeks at a time. He went about as far west as Colorado. That’s a large enough portion of the country to make a living. He now works for First Express. If your past is 3-5 years old, there are more options than you know.


  5. I can’t speak about SRT but paschall Truck lines is a huge rip-off and they will stick it to you every way they can.


  6. Helwig, if u dont mind a driver facing camera. I dont get bothered from safety at all. If u are in the hiring area, company. .47 starting, too 1.40+fsc starting.

    New_Full-Helwig-Map-1024x536 (1).jpg


  7. PTL run away don’t walk!!


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