So I will preface this by saying that I am a self-admitted moron when it comes to mechanical stuff, and I apologize if this is already public knowledge (although I did do a brief search of this forum and on Google and did not find anything that explained how and what I need explained).

Can someone explain to me the major differences between a ‘wet-kit’ and a blower? I am familiar with blowers, having used them fairly extensively. But I’m not familiar with wet-kits. At all.

Which leads me to my questions:

1. Does a truck with a wet-kit need the wet-kit uninstalled to install a blower?
2. What would be the benefit to buying a truck with a wet-kit, when what I need is a blower?

The reason I need to know this is because I’m looking for a truck with a blower. They seem to be virtually non-existent, or they are out of the price range I’m looking at. What I’m thinking is that if I can find a truck with a wet-kit (which seem to be more readily available), I can replace the wet-kit with a blower, or install a blower over the wet-kit. Thoughts?

I appreciate y’all’s patience with me.




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