She will have to take him to small claims court with all the expenses thereof. Its not worth it.

You do not team as Mototom stated unless you are brothers, besties or married in particular.

That is one rule broken, a commandment actually. Never abandon your team mate. That is actually potentially a punishable offense by firing etc.

Wife and I had a argument in that truck with me driving near St Louis one day, it does not matter what the argument was about because it was too many miles and no time for either one of us at that point in time so anything was fair game. We know how to argue and fight with words and fix the damage tomorrow.

A detective noticed my driving was quite bad due to that stupid noise and pulled us over. Once he understood what was going on instead of pig piling us arrest etc he managed to speak softly and say whats up? And so after about 20 minutes no more problems and it was a much much better night. It did cost dispatch a extra half a day in appt changing for us to have a meal together for once and a hotel. But alls well that ends well.

There is always a point at which one can tell another where they can shove it. Thats when things get dangerous and there is nothing under the sun on God’s green earth worth that. Short of a high crime.



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