Lightningrod…The stinger that comes with the Predator 10K’s, are always going to be a little “too long”, this is because you can buy the 10K’s in a variety of different configurations, like lower shaft lengths from 6″ to 27″, and different coil set-up’s, which will all affect the length of your stinger after it’s tuned…So, all 10K’s come with the same stingers, (except for the “Comp” and “SW” versions) and the buyer will need to “Trim-2-fit” so to speak…

On the Single Coil Predator 10K’s, usually after the thing is tuned, they will be any where from 68″ to 72″ tall, from the base to the tip of the stinger. You can add a small coil to the antenna, and make it maybe a foot shorter.

That said, probably the most that would need to be trimmed off your stinger, to get the SWR down to 1.1, would most likely only be a couple of inches, at best. Which is not going to help you in the garage…

Best thing to do, is get a “Quick Disconnect” for the antenna, and then take the 10K off the truck before parking inside the garage…(Google “Hank Breedloves Machine Shop” they build some of the best mounts avalible)

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