1. Hey guys so this has recently sparked my interest, a buddy of mine recently told me he ran into Walmart driver here in Phoenix and the guy told him that he brings home between $3500-$5500 every two weeks. So I was curious how true that is and what’s the breakdown of a normal week if work for you? Also is it true you need to kinda know someone or have a reference to get in?


  2. If you have a drivers name and driver # and put it on the application you get moved to the front of the hiring process.


  3. thats got to be gross. i havent ever grossed 5500 in a 2 week period.


  4. Gross of 3500 to 4500 every 2 weeks is possible if you extend (6th day) and also depends on your DC location.


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  5. Yeah that’s possible got a buddy who drives for them I didn’t believe it either until he showed me his pay stubs ~has been trying to get me to come on board but not to thrilled with the slip seating and besides I like pulling a tank better than a box


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  7. Yes the pay is true and no you do not have to have a connection in order to get hired on to Walmart I’ve been with Walmart six years and I was at a six digit income the second year there’s a lot of rumors going around bad about Walmart but this is the best job I’ve ever had!


  8. I put an app today for the Cullman,AL., i put in the drivers name for referral but i didn`t have his Driver #. I hope they still review it though & not put it behind someone else.


  9. you will be fine.


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