Document all loads hauled by trip number, pay miles who dispatched, when you picked it up, what trailer in when you delivered it and so on. With the explaination of charges or recepits if any goes into a large ledger.

Find a DM inside your company HQ and have that person pull up your earnings screen by trip numbers and show him or her the UNPAID trip numbers in particular and request a comcheck be cut to you minus withholding on the spot to settle this pay right away.

If DM wont do it, escalate by getting the Operations involved or even higher.

Document everything. Especially if they say no no and no. Write down dates, times, where and how and why they told you no. You are not getting paid.

At that point you consider quitting for cause, unpaid work due to you and take it up with the State Labor Board at your home state.

Wife and I actually left FFE in summer of 2001 because of $0.00 paychecks in excess of 6000 miles run the current week, plus close to that run the previous pay week and additional loads not yet paid in our documented ledger book. It was the second time that they failed to properly process or pay anything because the paperwork was not through yet they say and the amounts due were too big for comchecks they said.

We let it go, we were not caught up by FFE and just let it go as a loss. We had sufficient savings on hand to absorb the mess. No problems.

We were with another company the following monday in Little Rock to run medicine and rolling by 10 am. Never a problem with payroll until they were destroyed the morning of 9-11. Even then we had enough savings to keep on trucking until a new payroll was built and we were paid all that was due us in time.

If I was to get back out there, I would expect to be paid and carefully go over the figures each week with the boss. When they understand that I track them very carefully, there should be no challenge or problem with pay.



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