1. Tanks full. I weight 33,500. It limits loads I can haul to 46,000-46,500 if I wanna push it i have a 19′ pete 389 and a 48′ combo fontain . The trailer weighs 11k. I’m going to trade it in for an all aluminu . Should cut down 2k weight. Any other tips? Was thinking about getting the light weight 5th wheel? I heard that cuts down 1k weight. Not sure how much it costs though. I only carry one set of tarps 6′


  2. My 386 and 48 fontain weighs the exact same. If u really want to cut down weight u need one them new freightliner midroofs or t680. I was in a 2020 t680 and all aluminum 48ft east and was 29k full of fuel. But Most the #### that loads real heavy dont pay worth a dang anyways . Let us know how it goes


  3. I pulled off my old steel fifth wheel off and put an aluminum one on probably save 50 pounds did it by hand I don’t know who told you it would save 1K!


  4. I’ve got the same truck you have and a all aluminum flat and I’m 34,000.


  5. How? My 386 is just shy of 31k. I run a 48ft Fontaine Infiniity combo. Trailer is 10,400lbs.


  6. Wow. Yeah im right at 33.5


  7. Ive never put it on a Cat scale, but multiple scales at steel mills and other places have always been within a few hundred #’s of that #. We run I don’t know how many of those trailers though, and they’re all spec’d the same and are 10,400lbs.


  8. Well that doesn’t seem worth it. I was wondering how that thing weighed THAT much.


  9. ####. I know my trailer is 11k. The all aluminum mac I was looking at is 8,500 with no boxes. 2 boxes put it at 9k


  10. Hmmm idk i do have apu and 200 gallon tanks. 2 aluminum boxes full of gear and tarps on trailer as well, all that add up could be the difference. Not sure tho


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