semi truck for r+l carriers on the roadR+L Carriers is a trucking company based in Wilmington, Ohio that serves customers in several haul types. If you are an LTL truck driver or expedited trucker looking for jobs. The trucking company also hires truckload truck drivers to take on those top paying OTR trucking jobs. In addition, R+L Carriers has recently expanded its operations to offer local truck driver services in Maryland. Now that you want to know more about R+L Carriers, we have you covered here at Trucker Classifieds. See what the R+L Carriers truck driver pay and salary is along with how to get started with a trucking job thanks to our free truck driving job search services.

About R+L Carriers in Ohio

R+L Carriers is a family-owned and operated trucking company that was established in 1965. The company offers a full range of transportation services. This allows truck drivers working for the carrier to have access to cross-border solutions, logistics, and warehousing, as well as cross-border, international supply chain, and customs brokerage. This includes service centers and terminals throughout the US. As a truck driver at R+L Carriers, you have access to these services nationwide. This allows you to stay on track as you handle LTL and TL freight from coast to coast.

About Maryland Truck Driver Service Center

The Maryland truck driver service center location that is recently built for R+L Carriers is an example of this. Recently the company built a brand-new 60-door service center in Hagerstown, Maryland. This MD facility reduced the transit time for local truck drivers on pickup and delivery or P&D routes. For New England and Mid-Atlantic Region truck drivers, this state of the art service center positions R+L Carriers as leaders in the regional trucking industry.

R+L Carriers has stated the company has plans for growth and expansion as a result of this new service center. This will support the local economy and give truck drivers access to more trucking jobs near them. Other facts about this new service center is that it measures more than 83,700 square feet and sits on more than 16 acres. Along with the 60-door dock, the service center also has a maintenance shop and fueling station. There is even a truck wash bay that lets R+L Carriers truck drivers take their trucks to the local shop rather than having to wait in line at a commercial truck wash in MD. This saves drivers the headache and money spent on truck washes.

Where R+L Carriers Is Hiring Truck Drivers

Ready to see if you can be a truck driver at R+L Carriers? The trucking company hires in certain markets. Along with Hagerstown, MD, the trucking company hires truck drivers in:

  • Frederick, MD
  • Williamsport, MD
  • Cumberland, MD
  • Martinsburg, MD
  • Gettysburg, PA

If you are within driving distance of these cities, then you are within truck driving distance of a new job. These local trucking jobs will give you the home time you want as a truck driver. In addition, the company pays a competitive salary and typical truck driver benefits.

In order to apply for a trucking job at R+L Carriers, you need to meet a few special requirements. This includes being at least 23 years old and having a year of driving experience before you apply. This ensures you are going to be able to safely handle the multitude of haul types available to drivers at R+L Carriers. If you are a Mid-Atlantic or New England truck driver, you can start your application to R+L Carriers here at Trucker Classifieds.

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