The company Roadrunner Transportation was recently recognized as a top place to drive for in the trucking industry. Roadrunner execs were on hand to receive not just one but five different awards this season. This includes awards in several haul divisions. Learn more about what it takes to be a Roadrunner Transportation truck driver if you want to propel your career forward fast. This company regularly hires truck drivers around the US for a variety of freight services.

About Roadrunner Transportation Systems

rrts truck driver on the roadRoadrunner Transportation Systems is a trucking and transportation corporation that is made up of more than one company. You have the Roadrunner Intermodal Services and Roadrunner Freight for LTL hauls—both of which hire truck drivers. There is also Roadrunner Active On-Demand that handles expedited freight hauls.

When it comes to winning awards in the trucking industry, Roadrunner Transportation is at the top of its class. Roadrunner also has the temperature-controlled division, which needs truck drivers who want to work in the refrigerated division or reefer hauling part of the trucking industry. All in all, the routes that Roadrunner Transportation drivers cover are less than truckload (LTL) freight in a number of lanes. If you are interested in handling LTL hauls, this is a great company to consider for your career.

Five Time Award Winning Company

So let’s take a look at the awards that Roadrunner Transportation won recently this year. Roadrunner, which is based in Downers Grove, IL, received the following awards:

  • ARGUS International Platinum Award from ARGUS International provides safety and regulatory reviews for USA Jet Airlines, which provides cargo transportation services for the Roadrunner Active On-Demand division
  • Asset-Lite Carrier of the Year from GlobalTranz, a third-party logistics company that Roadrunner Freight works with
  • Federal Aviation Administration Diamond Award, given to the company for its Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training program used to train technicians for its Active On-Demand program
  • New Carrier of the Year from CH Robinson, a shipping partner that Roadrunner Intermodal Services supports with handling drayage hauls
  • Supplier of the Year by General Motors for the sixth year in a row

“We are extremely proud to be recognized as the top-performing drayage provider in the Eastern region from our partner, Matson Logistics. Our long-lasting partnership is built on our dedication to operational efficiency and reducing costs for both Matson Logistics and its customers,” said the president of Roadrunner Intermodal Services, Ben Kirkland.

According to Curt Stoelting, serving as the Roadrunner Transportation Systems chief executive officer, “These awards are a testament of our team’s commitment in delivering upon our promise statement – Your Goods. Our Best. Being recognized by our customers demonstrates in a very tangible way that the extra effort, dedication, and teamwork is paying off. We applaud the hard work of our team members, drivers, and pilots.”

Other recent trucking awards picked up by the Roadrunner Transportation teams include:

  • GM Supplier of the Year for 2018
  • Top 100 Trucking Companies for 2018
  • Top 100 3PL by Inbound Logistics for 2018
  • New Carrier of the Year by CH Robinson for 2018
  • Top 3PL and Cold Storage Providers by Food Logistics for 2018
  • Ford Motor Company World Excellence Award for 2018
  • Harbor Freight Tools’ Drayage Carrier of the Year for 2018
  • Global Automotive Leader Award for 2017
  • LTL Carrier of the Year for 2017

Finding Trucking Jobs at Roadrunner Transportation

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