Hello everyone,
First I would like to thank you all, this forum and other. Only generous people share there experience and take time to help others .

I have nothing to do with trucking or dumpsters rental. My other business was not doing well for some time now so I decided to do something else. I love trucks and equipment. I know my way around cars and fix my cars by myself as long as I have the tools.
I started to do some research about what I can do and I liked the idea of dumpsters rental.

Registration, accounting and financial , licenses, management, marketing…..etc. I have all these covered. I need your help in :

1- Selecting the right truck+hooklift .
2- Operations and dumping at the landfill.
3- Any one willing to do training ?

1-Truck and hooklift :

Truck: I want to do residential. 10, 15 and 20 bins.
I want to start with the smallest truck possible. Ford, Ram, Chevy? International are too big and expensive. Isuzu dealer say I must go with Isuzu :) . I like the f550 but I don’t know.
Do I need 4X4 one? GVWR? transmission ? other important specifications ?

Hooklift : I went to a dealer near me . he do Palfinger and Stellar.
He can do both but he prefers stellar. If I choose Palfinger he will need to play with the truck suspension .

2- Operations and dumping at the landfill:
When I receive the first call , I will drive to the address and rolloff my bin, the will call me to pick it up, then what ? Where I go ? what will happen at the land fill? What stuff goes where ? pricing ?

3-Is there anyone here that might be interested in training me ? I can travel to you and just go out with for couple of jobs .

Thank you in advance.



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