So the last week has been really slow for me. Got a 34 due to being way early for a load, then last load was 3.5 days for 1000 miles. Got there in 2 and had another 34. I told dispatch these slow miles didn’t make it worth being out on the road, that I could make that $ being at home every day, and I needed better or I would have to explore my options. Next load they tried giving me was 3 days for 950 miles. I was livid. Called them up and respectfully told them they needed to do better than that, so they said they’d see what they could do and would get back with me. 20 minutes later get a call. Got a 2 day 840 mile load with 2 stops for you. That’s more like it. First stop is 24 hours after pickup and 750 miles away. Oof gonna be tight but should be possible. Fueled up everything just before hitting receiver last night to get that extra little bit of wiggle room. Dispatch says go ahead and pick it up when you get unloaded since it’s ready to go. Called shipper last night after unloading but no answer. Wasn’t going to leave a parking spot at 9pm in Ft Worth without knowing if they were open and it was ready, so I called it a night. Called this morning to find our trailer isn’t ready yet but “will be by appointment time.” Ugh ok. So I’m 30 miles from shipper, haven’t started my clock for the day, and have to get there, drop n hook, possibly scale depending on manifest weight, and go from south side of Ft Worth to Denver in 24 hours, on elogs, in a truck governed at 68mph.

I’m thinking if I don’t stop for anything besides receiver, scale, and required 30, I can get down there and at least 620 miles towards Denver, take my 10, and hopefully have enough time tomorrow to get the last 100 miles in by appointment time?

I’m also thinking maybe show up at shipper an hour early just in case it’s ready, but don’t want to show up too early and burn more clock than I have to in case it isn’t.

I don’t want to ask dispatch to change appointment time bc it should be possible if circumstances work out, and I was the one who asked for a better mileage load. Maybe this is them getting their kicks in trying to put a new driver in their place? I understand I’m a new driver, and still very much learning the industry and my craft, but that doesn’t mean I’m a lazy driver. Best day so far was 685 miles and best week was 3350 but the miles have gone way down since then. I’m not out here to screw around. I’m here to make $. As a rookie, how do I get that through to dispatch without calling them on every load?



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