We’ve all heard the campfire scary stories about checking your fifth wheel every day before driving because some Richard will pull the pin while you’re inside dropping a deuce. I still look and tug before driving because of this ‘warning’ but have never once had a ne’er-do-well pull the pin.

Some guys talk about thieves and their sort stealing equipment out of headache racks if they aren’t locked up, but I’ve never locked mine and haven’t had anything come up missing.

Folks spend good money on anti-siphon inserts and locking fuel caps, but I can’t recall ever having fuel stolen, either.

I’ve also never met an illegal hitching a ride on my trailer or, when driving van, had a trailer broken into.

I know things were hairier “back in the day” and trucking, like everything else, has gotten watered down some…but what are some things you were cautioned about when you first started driving?



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