Ready to find your next trucking job? One place that is hiring truck drivers on a regular basis is Ryder System, Inc. The Ryder corporation hires truckers along with warehouse employees and diesel technicians. If you are a military veteran, you’ll also be happy to hear the company is leading the way for trucking jobs. Ryder is actively hiring military vets for truck driver and transportation positions. Find out more about this division and how to get started with a vet truck driver job at Ryder today.

Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program

semi truck for ryder over the roadThe trucking company has a couple of different programs geared at military veterans. For starters, Ryder is actively involved with the Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program. This program is a part of the Hiring Our Heroes program made by the Department of Defense. Established in 2015, the purpose of the Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program is to help vets who are transitioning to a civilian career. Here at Ryder the program focuses on transportation jobs including truck driving positions.

Battle Buddy Program with Ryder

Ryder is also offering another vet focused service, the Battle Buddy program. With this program, veterans are partnered up with vets who already drive at Ryder. This way the new drivers can learn the ropes and pick up the slack a lot faster and more conductively. It’s a lot easier to simply ask your driving partner about how the system works rather than second-guess yourself. This is a great opportunity to also learn more about how it will be as a veteran truck driver in the industry.

Trucking Track Mentoring Program

Veterans at Ryder are also eligible to enter the Trucking Track Mentoring Program. This program is another mentorship service that connects military veterans in the trucking industry. What is so interesting about these Helping Our Heroes programs is that they are not company-based. Therefore, you have access to a ton of information and resources that is applicable to all commercial truck drivers.
You can build up your knowledge of the industry and practice your skills in a safe environment. Plus, with a veteran truck driver mentor supporting you, you have someone there by your side in case you have a question or make a mistake. That’s part of practicing and getting used to the new routine as a veteran driver entering the commercial trucking industry.

Finding a Military Vet Job at Ryder

Once you start driving a truck for Ryder System, Inc. you will be eligible to apply to all of these military vet driver programs in-house. This means you have access to Hiring Our Heroes and other US Chamber Fast Track resources. As a military veteran, you deserve to work for a trucking company that provides you with that kind of accessibility. After all, you’ve worked hard enough and have those skills as a professional truck driver. You deserve any support available for helping you match those military driving skills with a professional commercial driving career. Let us help you jumpstart that career by searching for Ryder truck driving jobs at Trucker Classifieds today.

Trucking Jobs at Trucker Classifieds

Along with the latest news released from the top paying trucking companies, we also provide you with information you truly need for your career goals. Take these programs, for example. Think about how much more you’ll be able to increase your salary by taking advantage of the Battle Buddy or Trucking Track Mentoring program. You’ll get moving quicker on down the road with someone helping you figure out your mistakes and correct them in real-time. Let us help you find a trucking job today at Trucker Classifieds so you can get on your way as a trucker.

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