1. i have scoured previous posts, and I have read people mentioning this program, but no one with experience in it describing what it is like. I have a background in warehouse loading/unloading, so this program piques my interest. While at Cintas, I was actually vetted for a position as a driver, but Cintas does not hire felons as drivers. So, anyone who has gone through SAIA’s dock to driver program, please share.


  2. My only experience with them(dock to driver programs) was when I was in truck school and companies would bring dock to drivers in for their state road test. A lot of them had multiple retakes because of backing. Not saying it’s a bad thing just what I noticed


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  3. You would think working right there on the dock backing would be the one thing they got plenty of. Lol. Thanks for reply.


  4. It’s seems like a good way to get a cdl but it depends on the teacher and how much drive time they let you have


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  5. True anywhere though. But, I do see where in that type of program it could become an inherent negative quality that adequate drive time is never there.


  6. You are confusing a dock worker with a yard truck operator.


  7. No, I am not. I was a dock worker. I moved trucks all the time. Had to back them up to be unloaded/loaded sometimes. It really depends on the company as far as how they have the warehouse and lot setup, etc. I know what I am talking about when it comes to warehousing.


  8. Did you work at a union ltl company?


  9. Yes, Cintas.


  10. Moving and backing trailers with those jockey tractors, or a day cab for that matter, is a lot different from doing it with a ‘normal’ sleeper unit.


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