I once left Hahn in New Market at about 3:30 am one winter morning, somewhat overweight a foot plus on the ground and so on. I was essentially the only cement tanker moving that hour. Interstate was empty. But scales were open.

4 am.

On the platform. I eyed the big bay window and saw one big hat state bear herding 20+ trainees with white shirts and short ties. Big hat bear pointed at everything front to back on my rig in the lights and pointed at his numbers on the desk, some of which were damning. 10 minutes of waiting.

I had made half a decision to get out of trucking entirely based on how many trainees can fit into my R model cab (I had guessed 5 can…) if it was over 5 I would have quit less than 5 then we aint inspected yet.

I made it to TBH after being let out later that morning up near the PA line in Westminster and they yelled at me, ####! you here? We aint got nothing for you. EFF etc etc etc.

And good morning to you too. And got rid of the cement into their silo sitting in a foot plus of snow.

#### yankees, just because you have a dab of snow on the ground does not mean no workie today.



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