I averaged $825 per week gross my first year with them (OTR)

Pay isn’t the problem at SNI. Its the fact that they are working with autonomous trucking companies and in an effort to be early to the punch with respect to autonomous trucks, they have gone to computerized scheduling for OTR. Their computer algorithms adjust your NAT in real time, which frequently led to me waking up to the fact that a computer program changed my NAT in the middle of the night and assigned me some BS local run.

Their website says most OTR loads are in the 500-900 mile range. I quit because I was mostly being worked as a local driver. Tons of 150 mile runs with live load and live unload. All the easy stuff is going to the self driving trucks because that’s all they can do for now. In the winter its different, but when the weather is good all the long loads are going to go to self-driving trucks or drivers who have been with the company forever.

Its still probably a good company to get a year of OTR experience with, but if you want to stay on past that it is a horrible choice imo.



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