• Want to gross at least $70K. Strongly prefer a straight cpm rate without any per diem.
    • 1099, lease, and owner-op jobs (I don’t own a truck) are off the table, as are companies with poor reputations. Larger companies with full benefit packages are preferred. A smallish company (50+ trucks) might work. Not looking to drive for an owner-op.
    • Jobs that demand overnight runs on an occasional basis are like dates with herpes: if possible, you want to find out about it before you hire, not after. Not having to work at all, let alone drive, between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM is strongly preferable.
    • Assuming everything else matches up nicely, dry van is preferred. Most of my 18+ years of OTR have been in reefer. Received the million-mile award from a large reefer company in 2010. Got my start running tanker. Not looking for tanker this time around, or a no-tarping-required flatbed job, but if the pay’s good enough, will consider them. Have some intermodal experience and enjoyed it, so port/rail could be good. Have no LTL or double/triples experience.
    • TWIC and passport are both current. CDL has all the endorsements (tanks/haz, doubles/triples, passengers). Driving record is squeaky clean.
    • Willing to run lower 48 and Canada and be out 4+ weeks at a time running lots of miles. Prefer to keep my CDL in Nevada and be based out of Las Vegas specifically, with the option to request time off anywhere. A western regional or dedicated position could be good if it pays well enough.
    • No pets, passengers, or teaming, and—no sleepers without an upper bunk, please (lower one is for storage).
    • Companies that have driver-facing cameras in their trucks are off the table. Prefer to avoid companies that micromanage.
    • Haven’t been employed since April 2018. Have 1 year of driving experience within the past 3 1/2 years, but not within the past 3 years.
    • In early September I went out with a trainer for a week at a large company that has a really poor reputation among drivers. When it came time to be assigned a truck, the trainer’s boss phoned to tell me “We don’t think you’re a good fit for [said company].” Long story…had nothing to do with my performance. Trainer saw right away that I didn’t need any sort of weeklong “refresher” as the company calls it. No tears were shed when the lady phoned…was thinking of bagging it anyway based on what I was finding out about the company from the trainer and other drivers. Why I ever gave them a shot is another long story, but in a nutshell, my job search is less constrained this time.


  1. If you are the only one wearing Boots in a orientation class filled with flipflops its a good bet you are not a good fit. He he.


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  2. As it turns out I was the only one in orientation class wearing anything on their feet at all.


  3. Doesn’t look like you’ll do well as a company steering wheel holder. Might need to find some local union job.


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  4. X…..for….the….win!


  5. Check with this company; don’t know if it’s what you want, but you can find out.
    Chois Trucking, Inc.
    3367 Trickling Stream Cir
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
    A few months ago one of the drivers posted positive reviews and said the guy is easy to work for.


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