We cured a bear problem like that. For once my husband forgot to plug our Dodge in. It was April so should have been ok, but the temp dropped under 40. We knew the bears would be up soon and we needed to move the trash cans into the shed but hadn’t done it yet. We do keep them ratchet strapped down because the raven’s are assholes.

Anyway, around 11pm, he hears the can moving on the deck. He thought the wind was moving it until he realized no wind. Grabbed the flashlight and saw the bear trying to drag the can over the first step on our porch. He yelled at the bear and it ran to hide behind the truck. He yelled again and it took off up the driveway. He didn’t move the can back though because the bear was out there still and the can was not in the way. Once he got in bed, he remembered an article he read about if you’re scared in your house, take your car keys with you to bed. If something happens you can press the panic button and scare the intruder away.

Around 1 I woke him up because the bear was back. He got all excited and crept downstairs to grab the Dodge keys. He was going to hit the panic button but had a better idea. We have remote start. He yelled at the bear again and it went to hide behind the truck again. Pressed the remote start and waited. One quiet beep later the truck fired up but the Cummins was ANGRY. chug CHUG CHUG. He swore that bear turned white and ran as fast as possible up the driveway. Haven’t seen a bear since.


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