1. I just learned how to replace the drums and shoes . I have done slacks, chambers and finally got to doing this . Using a breaker bar and a half inch rechargeable impact is too labor intensive . I almost fell from standing on that beaker bar . I know some of you use the lug wrench torque multiplier. I see one on Ebay for real cheap . Can I use an impact behind this equipment ? Next , is to learn how to remove a drive shaft .


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  2. Add a 6 foot pipe to the breaker bar, stand on if you have to, still might not be enough.


  3. Buy the red one bout 189. No don’t use an impact


  4. I have a Milwaukee ( fuel)high torque 1/2 nch that I thought would work, but no . . The impact that works from Milwaukee is a $1100 impact . I am sure that snap on is a $1000 or more


  5. I think that torque multiplier lug wrench will be my answer


  6. The next thing you need to learn extensively is your trucks emissions system. Doing so will save you alot of frustration and money in the future.


  7. Put them back on and clean with never seize and a torque wrench. You will never have trouble removing them again.


  8. Non emissions

    Nom emission, 12.7 detroit


  9. Lug nuts are one of the few places to NEVER use anti seize.


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