Hey all,
Been on with UPSF for a little while now, happy to report that starting pay is 28 bucks an hour due to the tight market here in the Northeast. Folks elsewhere in Chicago for instance still get 17$ to start.

SAIA, Estes, ODFL, what do you peddle drivers get? Linehaul guys, what do you get? Our linehaul guys get 70ish cpm + hourly for drop and hook.

It’d be good for us all to compare general wages so we know what is what. Remember: The more info about pay is out there, the better informed drivers are when they make decisions to switch and the more competitive companies ultimately have to be. So just post your #s below and let’s work to increase transparency cuz I don’t see too many straightforward threads about this.

Just to add from talking with folks here in the Northeast USA:
Ross Express drivers tell me they start at 25$/hr for a peddle run.
LandAir starts at 23 (rolls eyes)
XPO is supposedly 25-27$ depending on experience.
R+L starts at 27.65 I think.
Someone on another thread mentioned SAIA is starting as high as 30.65$/hr



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