So, two days ago, I’m parked at a truck stop. The guy next to me, as we are parked about as close to the store as you can get, opens his door, and dumps his pee bottle out on the ground. Eyes roll… today I stop at a rest area, again, parked as close to the bathrooms as possible, and the trucker next to me stands on his top step in his flip flops, exposes himself pulling up the leg of his shorts, and pees into the parking lot. I get to a truck stop, and theres trash on the ground outside the truck, including ranch dressing from a fast food place spoofed all over the ground. I go in for coffee, and two female truckers in pajama bottoms are in line in front of me. I get it that it’s cold, but ####… have a little respect for yourself, your fellow truckers, the industry, and the places that cater to our needs!!
Ok, rant over, thank you and keep it rubber side down.

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