Gotta PM done today at Speedco in Troy, Illinois… $460.00 That’s 11 gallons of Rotella, 1 Fleetguard Oil Filter, 1 Fleetguard Fuel Filter, and 1 Davco Fuel Filter…

Same exact PM done the first week of December at Speedco in Walcott, Iowa was $377.00

According to the cashier today January 1st Loves raised the prices… I can certainly see raising prices but not by $80+…

I dont think so… I’m done with them.

Looks like I might just have to start doing it myself. Just really dont wanna lug oil around trying to dump it but I think if I get a couple 5 gallon buckets it wont be that bad. Just gotta see who will take it for free?

The job will be done better since I’ll be doing it, I guess that might make it worth it.



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