I did a spot of yard jockey work as a temp but it was not profitable nor did that facility last more than a few years, it’s quietly rusting in place having been closed and sealed in three rings of barbed wire.

In the old times I would run spring, summer and fall. Then go home for a while in winter. Pretty good back then.

One winter I experimented with dedicated pipe this way and chain that way on strictly I-10 for almost 6 months. Bypassed a tough winter that year. But that was quite enough for that poor truck accumulating repair needs faster than I can have a truckstop fix it. (Volvo, go figure) When I got it back to Indiana it was a sick truck with everything wrong with it including ECM that was failed (Bypassed by keeping engine going and stop watch on milemarkers etc)

Went home for a whole spring on that one. But after a while it’s time to get out and get going.

Finally got into blacktop with dump truck. Work hard all spring, summer and fall and go home several months unemployment in winter. That was the best arrangement.



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