So, I am at this receiver with 18 pallets to unload. No big deal, right?

Except they get everything out and start counting (assuming they need to take their shoes and socks off to count past 10)…. and then…..

They proceed to put 10 of the 18 pallets back on the trailer. WITHOUT TELLING ME UNTIL AFTER they are done(so they have moved the equivalent of 28 pallets), and it wasn’t until then that I am told the 10 pallets were loaded with product that they don’t carry and it has to go back to the shipper!

Now, I am already committed to another load and I must leave empty!

I told them that they were going to unload me and I was not leaving until they were done and I was empty.

After calling the broker, it was straightened out and they removed the 10 pallets AGAIN (turning the original 18 pallets into the equivalent of 38 by moving 10 pallets 2 additional unnecessary times!)

Here I am thinking that a wireless, battery powered camera at the door would have prevented this unnecessary work. Does anyone recommend a camera that is:

Wireless to a phone or tablet via bluetooth with a range of 100′
Battery powered with a full charge provide enough power for 3 hours(while not in use, it can be charging in the cab)
Magnetic mounting



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