Currently? No…

In the past, I have had the 440 and the 490. I loved the way they sounded, and they were overall great radios. Loud, good receive, simple operation and loaded with features for just an AM radio. The only thing I didnt like about them was the blue lighting at night. The dim setting was still blinding. My 440 was set up with a switch that killed all lighting except the meter and channel readout. That was nice. Sold it due to financial issues at that time. Later on, I got the 490. Awesome radio, with a single SD1446 final that put out over 100w. Super loud. Sold it b/c of the lighting….it was not modded like the 440, and although it could have been, I decided to go with the new Magnum S980 Green light edition instead (which off topic, is an awesome radio too).

I haven’t had a Stryker since 2009, and I probably would not buy the 440/490 again. But the new 447/497 look pretty awesome with the multiple color options. I think they get a little dimmer too at night, plus you can swtich the color. Green/yellow/red is not near as hard on tired eyes at night as blue is. IMO, you can’t go wrong as far as reliability and useability. Warranty is excellent too.

That’s my $0.02 on the subject!



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