Hey gang – DD15 motor on 2017 Western Star. Approx 90,000 miles. I recently changed all of the fuel filters (pre screen, main, and water separator). First time I’ve ever done it on my own. I was careful not to allow air into the system, made sure the clear housing was consistently filled with diesel during priming, and followed many of the online tutorials and videos on how to change them and reprime the engine properly. Generally things went very well.

I have 2 questions:

a) On the initial startup, it took about 4-5 seconds to turn over. Definitely longer than usual, but that was expected based on what I saw in the online tutorials. It idled fine for 20 minutes. I turned it off. For testing sake, I tried starting it again a few times throughout the day. The startup seemed to get a little better each time, but still remains a tad longer than it usually takes. Now (after about 5 starts) it maybe takes 2 – 3 seconds to turn over. Which seems to be a bit longer than before the fuel filter change. I will say temps are cold here in PA, but I’ve also plugged in the coils to heat things up for a few hours before starting.

Should I be concerned about this slightly longer startup time? I realize it’s only a second or 2 compared to before, but I want to err on the side of caution.

b) Right now the truck is parked. It hasn’t been driven since the fuel filter change. But I let it idle at high RPMs for maybe 20 minutes at a time, several times throughout that same day as the change. Every single time it sounded great and doesn’t show any indications of hesitation or stalling. I don’t plan on physically driving it again for about a week or two. But is it safe to say that it should be good to drive, given that the idling seemed fine? (I just don’t want to end up stuck somewhere with an unexpected issue related to the slightly longer startup that may surface only after driving it for a while)

Appreciate the advice everyone!



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