I always thought the complaints about HireRight and trucking companies posting false information was hard to believe. I presumed that the fear of litigation by former employers would keep trucking companies honest. Boy was I wrong. Trucking companies aren’t normal businesses – apparently the arrogance they feel towards drivers also gives them a false sense of legal impunity.

What prompted my turnaround? During May I applied at a trucking company. They called me and we talked about the job. I asked about the benefits. They were kind of sketchy discussing them and said they would give me a pamphlet when I came for a drug test. I was surprised that they were willing to use my existing Medical Card instead of having me take a physical, but I’m all for saving a buck. Plus, the job was attractive because it was close to home and had excellent home time. Additionally, all the steel haulers around here have very similar benefits. Affordable and good health insurance being one of their benefits.

In a driving rainstorm I drove over to their office to take a pee. The person who administers the test was off. An office fellow wearing a suit and tie handled the test. He asked me why I was quitting so and so company to come to work at “this place.” I told him the job was not what I expected, so I am looking around for something else. I filled the cup and gave it to him. I asked about the benefits pamphlet. He handed it to me and kind of indicated they aren’t very good. I looked at the pamphlet and was stunned to see that the employees cost were outrageous and the deductibles were even worse. I thought to myself – won’t be working here!

A few days later I was off to Canada. In Canada I turn my phone off to avoid crazy international roaming charges. I was running in and out of Canada for 10-days and frankly hadn’t given the steel hauling company a second thought. The gal at the steel hauler had left a message, it was kind of old. I thought, well a normal person would realize that if someone doesn’t return their call in a week that they probably aren’t interested in what they have to say. I never returned the phone call and never gave it another thought – UNTIL YESTERDAY!

It seems the steel hauler reported my drug test to HireRight, no problem and perfectly legal.

However, they also commented in Previous Employers, insinuating that I was a former employee. In the previous employer they stated I never showed up. The wording would leave one to believe that I was actually a driver and that I never showed up. Didn’t show up where? Didn’t show up with what? It is way to easy for a hiring person to think – this guy abandoned the load.

This situation convinces me that trucking companies have absolutely no qualms about providing HireRight with false, misleading, and malicious information. Seriously, if companies will provide false information about Job Applicants, then look out actual employees.

I have contacted HireRight about the false information. I also contacted the trucking company explaining they have made a mistake in reporting to HireRight that I was a former employee.

The company I have applied to realizes that it is impossible for me to “not show up” at the steel hauler. Why? Because I was working at another company!

The following link is a pocket guide to Employee Rights with respect to past employers. Hopefully, it is useful to other drivers.


It is disappointing to say, but we should all review our HireRight report every time we apply for a job.

Good luck, and sorry for being so long winded!



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