At Bennett Motor Express, you are trying to do more than just be a truck driver. You are hauling the heaviest truckloads in the industry. If you want to be a pro in oversized loads, consider a career as a super heavy hauler. Here’s how to get started with a trucking job at Trucker Classifieds. We help you find truck driver jobs with the heaviest haulers like Bennett Motor Express today, while also keeping you in the loop with the latest information on truck driver news.

What is a Super Heavy Haul

In the super heavy haul trucking sector, you are talking about more than just oversized loads. The size of a typical haul is 80,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight (GVW). An oversized load is anything more than that requiring a special haul permit. To be classified as a super heavy-haul you have to haul more than 100,000 pounds.semi truck with blue tractor cab on the road

Truly, this is a supersized load. In fact, the range of a super heavy haul goes from 100,000 to 1 million pounds. Can you imagine hauling a load that weighs a million pounds? To do that you need more than just one Class 8—you need a fleet of them and the drivers with experience to do the work.

Working at Bennett Motor Express

Bennett Motor Express is a trucking company is affiliated with other trucking companies that work together to network in the industry. These are Penney Heavy Hauling, Wright Specialized, and Contractors Cargo Company. The types of shipping customers that you will be hauling super heavy hauls for include:

  • Manufacturing hauls, such as processing equipment, assembly lines, forklifts, inventory hauls, and heavy equipment
  • Hazardous materials, such as liquids, gasses, solids, and other forms of chemicals and petroleum products
  • Aircraft and aerospace equipment and machinery, such as airplanes, spacecraft, and products for companies like Boeing and NASA
  • Other government hauls that require specialized clearance, such as offshore drilling equipment or energy projects
  • Construction industry handling heavy equipment hauls, such as buildings, bulldozers, and bridges

The super heavy hauls trucking jobs at Bennett Motor Express keep you in the driver’s seat with your trucking career. Along with super heavy hauls, the company also hires truck drivers for:

  • Temperature controlled refrigerated freight
  • Small parcel loads for P&D pickup and delivery
  • LTL less than truckloads and partial truckloads
  • Dry van trucking jobs
  • Flatbed hauls including step deck trailers

Why Choose a Specialized Haul

A specialized haul like one that Bennett Motor Express truck drivers handle sounds hairy. You might wonder why on earth you would ever want to take such a challenging load? For that exact reason—the challenge. You want to work in specialized hauls like this to challenge yourself as a truck driver and keep your trucking skills sharp. However, you won’t be able to do this type of trucking job right out of trucking school. In fact, you need some experience to get hired on for safety purposes.

Therefore, the only way to get this type of specialized truck driver training is to go to a trucking company like Bennett Motor Company. When you do you are able to train in real-time with the hauls that will get you the mileage and behind the wheel experience you want. The qualified and verified experience is what you want if you are aiming for the biggest truck driver salary. Companies hire you based on your months and years of driving experience.

Stick with a trucking company to gain as much experience as possible in a haul type, such as super heavy haul. This gives you the ability to stand out in the crowd when applying to the best truck driving jobs. When you apply to the trucking jobs, you are able to show what you have to offer over the rest of the drivers in the pool. To apply for a truck driving job at Bennett Motor Company, start with our free truck driver resources today at Trucker Classifieds. You will be able to skip right to the front of the line among the rest of the truckers trying to get a trucking job.

Current State of the Trucking Market

Right now is the best time to apply to a trucking company. The leading national trucking carriers like Werner Enterprises, Ruan Transportation, and Bennett Motor Express are paving the way for the rest of the industry. By offering their fleet of drivers the best truck driver salary and pay rates, these haulers are in a position to improve their own quality of life. You have the time and energy to drive safely for each and every haul you handle. It all starts right here at Trucker Classifieds with a trucking job application. Search for trucking jobs close to you and start applying today. You will be able to work for a company that keeps you rolling–and the money rolling in in return. See what companies are hiring truckers near me today!

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