1. Just saw that. Really surprised. I’ve been talking to Superior for a while and they never mentioned anything. I guess both are profitable enough now to be sold at a very attractive price. especially with a recession rumored to be coming’


  2. Lilj

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    Just got through reading that heniff and superior are up for sale, just coming off of vacation, I’ll ask my terminal manager in the morning and see what he say


  3. @slim shady Thoughts from the boots on the ground gang or is it (hopefully) business as usual over by you?


  4. Complete rumors
    We got a message on peoplenet
    From Bob Heniff, denying all rumors associated Heniff stating Heniff is stronger than has ever been and plans on owning this company for many years to come


  5. Lilj

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    I don’t think a major magazine would make that up, and if they did heniff needs to sue them.


  6. 20190821_162650.jpg


  7. What about you Superior drivers
    Have you heard anything from management? Refuting the claims


  8. But, if they were looking for a buyer, do you think they would admit it? Asking for a friend….:rolleyes:


  9. Lilj

    Light Load Member

    I asked my terminal manager, he says he was just as surprised by the story as the drivers were. I went to work this morning and it seemed like business as usual, nobody at the superior terminal in Pasadena tx was too concerned about it, I guess time will tell


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