1. So I responded to an ad on CL for an OTR job to see if they offered training, how much experience needed, pay, etc. The guy wanted my DL so I emailed that to him and this lady from safety texts me.


  2. I guess what I’m getting at is has anyone ever heard of this company? And is what she texted me normal for 1099 drivers?


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    This plus the whole deposit deal screams Stay away.


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  4. If I read that right you have to pony up at least 500 bucks to start working for them? And then keep it up? No, no, nope. Walk away, walk away.


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    Not exactly,they deduct $500 from first 5 checks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have a list of 20+ things to lay claim to the deposit.
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  6. They deduct 500 from your checks. I’ve never heard of anything like this but then again I’m pretty new to trucking.


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    Run away, nothing but another 1099 shyster


  8. Thanks, that’s what I figured. Seems like all these crooked companies are in Chicago lol


  9. What exactly are you looking for in trucking companies?


  10. A smaller company that will take a new driver and train. Trying to avoid going to a mega.


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