I’ve just been offered a job with a heavy equipment hauling company. Starting at $22/hr, after 90 days I go to $23/hr w/ health benefits at no cost to me. After a year, I should be at $25/hr. Work schedule can vary, with start times some mornings being 4-5am, others 9-10am. OT after 40. There is an on-call rotation 1 week a month, with 1st month being primary, 2nd month being secondary. On-call jobs are double-time. They also offer a IRA w/match.

My dilemma is that I’m currently in the plumbers union as a 1st yr apprentice but have now been laid off for 10 wks (hence me looking elsewhere for employment). Once I make journeyman (5 to 6 yrs from now), I’ll be clearing roughly $1200/wk with about an add’l $300/wk being kicked into an annuity at no cost to me. Plus a pension ($.045 per hour worked). Theres also health benefits but I have to work a minimum of 300hrs every 6mos to keep benefits going (so if I’m laid off for a long period, benefits get shut off).

I’m just wondering what path you guys would take? Does this heavy haul gig sound legit? What do you think my future earning potential could be in this line of work? Or should I stay with the union (and the lay-offs and politics that go with it). Honestly, the heavy haul gig sounds like a good deal to me. And I’d like to purchase an investment property within the next year so this job would help me achieve that as well.



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