I’ve done it before. Lease op for near 2 years. I kept above water nearly the whole time. Except when I took a week off. I thought I did ok, for my first contract lease. I learned a lot. I was under an illusion though. I thought I would be able to purchase the truck I was in when the contract was up. My fault for not reading the fine print stating I needed 12k down. I only had about 8k and I didn’t want to be tied to another contract at the time, as I felt “betrayed and lied to”. That was a few years back.
After escaping a job where the stress outweighed any of the freight I hauled, I’m back on the road with a decent company in my opinion and my experience. They have an interesting lease plan, and after reading the printed stuff I could, I am planning to take another swing at it, this time, there would be no balloon to pay at the end of the term.

Once I sign it, I will post on here my experiences, I will also start , and try to be consistent with a biweekly podcast. I’ll post a link to it after I get it set up or direct message me and I can do it then if mods here believe it would be advertising on the forum. I want to abide by the rules.

Reply on this thread if you would have an interest.
Btw, I am omitting the company name for now to silence the naysayers, disgruntled drivers whom it didn’t work out for, and the. “Haters” who just want to poo in everyone’s bed.
Take care drive safe .



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