The particular flavor of O/O that I have chosen is to drive under the authority of Crete/Shaffer, rather than my own authority. This reduces both my costs, and my potential income. I recognize this.

More worrisome, and the reason for this second post, is that by becoming an O/O, I am taking on risks.

I have an exit strategy. It is very simple. I must match my quarterly personal income as a company driver within a year in order to remain an owner operator.

This will be based on my quarterly tax reporting. The first couple quarters will likely be stumbling bocks as I learn, but by the end of the first year as an O/O, if I am not taking home as much per quarter as I did as a company driver, then I will sell the truck and go back to being a company driver.

The only exception to this would be if the difficulty is a single major event, like major engine or transmission service. I will not count a quarter if it includes a major repair.

I will, however, limit myself to ‘not counting’ only one quarter.

My gross income this last year with Crete was 66k. That means I need to make 16,500 per quarter AFTER truck expenses (but before taxes) in order to match my company pay.

If I cannot do that by the 4th quarter without major expenses, or the fifth quarter if I have a quarter with a major expense, then I sell the truck and go back to being a company driver.

There is a second stage to this exit strategy. If I am not making 20k per quarter AFTER truck expenses but before taxes by the end of the second year, then I will also get out. I do not want the extra risks without some extra income.



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