1. If you are empty (deadhead) driving through a state. Do you still have to pay taxes? Or just from the states you deliver to? I always thought you only pay when you are delivering to a particular state….


  2. What taxes exactly are you referring to ?


  3. Someone told me at the company I drive for, if drive empty, deadhead through a state I have to pay some kind of mileage tax or per gallon tax.. I thought we only get taxed on delivery where we make money?


  4. I’m trying to find out exactly what they are referring to… Honestly it makes no sense to tax you on frieght that doesn’t deliver to that state.


  5. ZVar

    Road Train Member

    Are you talking about IFTA?


  6. I think your referring to the IFTA tax, It is charged in every state you drive in per mile. When you by fuel the ifta tax is paid at the pump. It depends on where you run and where you fuel as to how much tax you will owe on your quarterly takes. Each states IFTA is different so if you drive in a high tax state and fuel in a low tax state you will owe taxes on that but if you do the opposite thy will owe you. Thats why we recommend buying cheaoest fuel minus the taxes because the taxes don’t matter, you are going to pay them one way or another, either at the pump or at the quarter.


  7. So even if you drive empty you have to pay taxes? That seems stupid as hell. So, what’s the deal if you have to deadhead 300 miles because that’s the closest load going out? Because the shipper is a re t ar d and double books loads? You still have to pay taxes on those miles? That seems awfully terrible.


  8. You pay gas tax to drive your car around, why wouldn’t you pay fuel tax for your truck whether you’re loaded or empty?


  9. No you don’t. You don’t get charged per mile in a car. This seems excessive. If someone drives 400 miles in a car you don’t get charged per mile per state you are in.


  10. When you buy fuel, yes you pay taxes. But additional taxes per state is what I’m talking about. That seems excessive.


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