Hey folks – hope your new year is going well.

This one isn’t about a carrier, but none other than big Anheuser-Busch itself (and I apologize if this is in the wrong place).

To any O/Os booking loads (specifically) with Denver/Aurora/Fort Collins AB, be aware;

Without question, they are triple and quadruple booking these loads through 3-4 brokers, taking the cheapest truck that shows up for the appointment, then screwing over the other trucks (I’ve seen as many as 7 trucks, all there for the same load). It’s happened to me 6 of 11 AB loads this year (twice in 24 hours).

This is obviously not a new scam, but it has completely wrecked my next reloads and my weekend – so I wanted to save anyone else the headache.

Be advised, I’ve only been able to get a TONU one time, and it was for $150, after wasting an entire day. It is happening through UberFreight, Coyote, and Convoy. They’re all aware of it, but they are clearly not holding AB accountable.

Good luck drivers, and y’all be safe out there.



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