After Rig Digging and ECM reporting and dyno testing a few trucks, thrashing figures, annoying forum members, used truck dealers, friends and relative strangers . . .

I finally bought a truck.

It’s a 2001 KW T2000, N14, 13 speed (new), with 3.55 rears on 22.5 lp tires. 960,000 miles on it. Lifetime 6.8 – Driving 6.7 mpg. $12,500 cash. Ex CFI truck. 2 owners. And it’s red.

Spent the last two days cleaning the interior and polishing the outside (with ladder and buffer, no less).

Landstar called yesterday and approved my application, so it’s just a matter of time now.

Many thanks to Double Yellow, Cowpie and jldilley and Big_D409 for putting up with my incessant questions. I really appreciate it. Thanks also to the forum for having put me in touch with such good folks.

Wish me luck folks – I’m going to need it!:biggrin_25523:



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