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Over the past few decades, many new technologies, devices and products have been
introduced to make truckers’ lives on the road safer and more comfortable. Some of these
upgrades have been made to the vehicle systems themselves after the introduction of new
laws or due to demand from drivers seeking the most modern technologies available in
their vehicle. However, there are also countless new products and accessories available on
the aftermarket allowing truckers customize their ride and improve their daily lives on the
road. Some are simple and relatively inexpensive, and others are more of a significant
investment. I’ve highlighted a few of our recent favorites below.

Interior Upgrades
The cab of your truck is where you spend the majority of your time on the road, so why not
make it as much like home as possible? You want a space that’s both comfortable and free
of dirt and clutter. You’ve likely heard about all-weather floor mats for passenger cars and
light trucks. These can also be a great addition to your big rig. They are easy to remove and
clean after a cross-country trip where you’ve encountered all sorts of weather. Spills and
debris remain in the mat until you remove it for cleaning, rather than getting ground in, like
they would with traditional mats made of textiles and cloth. Look for mats that are
specifically designed for big rigs, as universal mats might not offer adequate protection.
All truckers know the importance of comfortable seats. If your gig has you on repeated
cross-country treks, you’re likely in need of maximum comfort and support. Suspension
seats are a wise investment that you won’t regret. Yes, the price point is high compared to
purchasing a simple cushion, but you and your back will find it worthwhile in the long-run.

Entertainment and connectivity
With the prevalence of mobile devices, it’s more crucial than ever that truckers have a way
to stay connected while on the move. If you’re known to use your phone as a one-stop-shop
for navigation, music streaming and hands-free calls, consider accessories that will help
keep you connected and free of distraction. Of course, using a phone behind the wheel is
unsafe and even illegal in some states. Consider a phone mount, which will make hands-
free navigation and calling easier and safer than ever. Mounts are available in a variety of
sizes and price points, compatible with all devices. They are easy to install and move
around the dash depending on your needs and preference.
Coming back to music, nowadays many drivers prefer to stream music from their phone via
an online service such as Spotify or Apple Music. If your truck is a few years old and doesn’t
support Bluetooth integration in its sound system, consider investing in a Bluetooth kit.
These are easy to install and will give you access to hands-free/wireless connections for
streaming music and phone calls. There’s no need to travel with a large CD case or even an
auxiliary cable anymore!

Safety and security
Last but certainly not least, safety is incredibly important when on the road. This extends
beyond safe driving practices. Truckers who need to make stopovers all over the country
during a long trip don’t want to be worrying about the loss of anything valuable. Many
drivers treasure their tools and supplies, which can sometimes be a target for thieves
looking to turn them over for a quick buck. Lockable chest toolboxes are a great, secure
solution, coming in a variety of sizes and mounting locations to fit whatever volume of tools
you bring on the road.
For added safety while on the road, you might want to look into aftermarket backup and
blind spot cameras. These can be installed easily and provide you with added peace of mind
on long drives.
As trucking technology evolves, so does the aftermarket. We can continue to expect to see
new parts and accessories enter the scene to make truckers feel safe and comfortable, no
matter how far the job takes them.
Richard Reina is the product training director at TRUCKiD.com, a one-stop-shop for
aftermarket semi-truck parts and accessories.


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