I’m here at orientation for Schneider and figured I’d share my story as I’m completly new to this and have some down time right now.

First a little about my situation I graduated from Truck school on the 25th of October and class was only 3 weeks (10 1/2 hour days). I think I got lucky in that my class only had 5 people and swiftly got cut to 4 and we got plenty of range and drive. I will say I’ve had plenty of firsts in the past month. First time in a rig, first time drive a manual, the truck was a pos so had my first few breakdowns in school, but nonetheless I met a great bunch of guy. The one thing I can say about the industry is that in trucking people go out of there way to be nice and make sure you’re alright. Coming to training I also took my first greyhound and man was that a fun experience. My ticket was booked two hours after daylight savings time, I got to the bus stop an hour early for the bus to be arriving as I was, first thing the driver said was “4 out of 7 other 3 not set clock” he was a older oriental gentleman and he just left no waiting. Idk how that works but I pretty sure he was and hour early. Had a 2 hour layover because of the time change and got the same bus driver, we were set to leave on time and 3 guys come flying out of the doors as he stops to see what’s going on . Apparently the guys didn’t get tickets and checked their bags in and were late, he gets back in the bus and Announces “extra hour, you still late, I leave” and we were on our ways. Had another layover in Cleveland where they screwed up the reboarding passes and overbooked a bus reissuing tickets. But I made it where I was supposed to be.
Made it to my hotel was told I’d have a roommate but I’m not sure what happened with that. Got to my room and it was a half mess, There are two keycards in the room that no longer work and a message from maintenance stating that they went to clean the room but personal belongings were on the beds so they didn’t bother. The other bed was made up and his trash was inthe room still, no luggage btw , just books and all the hazmat stuff they give you in training as I will find out later. Even left his fuel card in the envelope on the floor. So Idk.
Day 1
The shuttle leaves for Schneider at 6:15 am and no later and was packed at 6:05 breakfast was all grab and go nutrigrain bars some coffee and tea. Soon as 0700 hits on day 1 paper work starts flying at you quicker than you can catch on top of the paper work they’re pulling people to do physicals and the physical is pretty goofy but necessary to test heart rates and physical strength(nothing like walking up and down a box to the pace of a metronome lol),we had one guy who didn’t make it due to not having enough hair for a hair sample. After passing physicals and drug screens. We got our hardhats, boots, gloves, and safety vest. For lunch we get subway everyday and a choice of 6 sandwiches, white or wheat, and they all come with the same toppings ,and no dressing. Or you can get their salads of the same choice of sandwiches. After lunch we got to watch fun trucking videos like the truckers against trafficking video that feel like I’ve had to watch 12 x this month along with the typical safety videos that explain stuff that people with common sense should know, but I realize common sense ain’t always that common. Schneider transports you to Walmart every Monday for groceries and items and I did fine with groceries but in tanker in hazmat you had to have a clean shaved face. Now I do gotten my facial hair trimmed and lined up with clipper but never had a reason to go full shaved.. we had 30 minutes to be in and out and when I tell you I was in the razed isle for 20 mins … it must’ve been an hour. We get back to the hotel I cook something and put off the shower and the inevitable. Long story i woke up and my pillow was a little damp and I slept like a baby haha



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