I reached the point in my career that I’d never again want my trucks somewhere that relied on a carrier for freight.
There are various reasons for this, biggest of all being rates.
My experience and observation has been no carrier will give you access to big money, they will attempt to keep as much as they can for themselves in whatever way possible. One such example being brokering loads to themselves thus keeping (stealing) however much they want for themselves before offering it to their O/Os.
These scams are real and does happen out there, I’ve personally been on the other end of it.

So that left me with two options, get my own authority or lease onto carrier that let’s me run my own show.

There’s positives and negatives for each.
There’s many threads of how to get your own authority and what comes with it so I won’t really get into that here.
Will say one of the big challenges was insurance for both rates and wanting to grow a fleet, was not liking what I was hearing there.

Okay so leasing onto a carrier that let’s you run your own show, what’s the biggest challenge with that?
Well most all of them want to keep 20%+ of your gross which sucks.
However after some time I found exactly what I wanted a carrier with 90% pay with freedom along with offering lots of value and support.
Been here a few months now and my experience has been wonderful, I could not ask for any better.

So how it works is basically this…
YOU are running your own show under their numbers.
You are free to get your own loads, customers etc.
Whatever bills you turn in Tuesday you get paid that Friday, no factoring fees or anything like that.
When you pick up a load you immediately can access a 40% advance for no fee.
You are given a fuel card that money is loaded onto and that has fuel discounts.
They handle all the back office stuff keeping you good to go.
Making sure you’re good on all your permits, doing your IFTA, drug program, logs etc etc.
Insurance is less expensive than what I could get with my own authority, plus they are cool with me growing a fleet under them no problem.
Carrier log in for a bunch of brokerages is given to you but I personally really just use DAT.
They do care a lot about safety and their rating, one such example being they offer bonuses if you get pulled in for DOT inspection and pass.
They already pay 90% so them offering more money for passing inspections is cool.

What I feel the greatest bonus with my truck under them is this…
If I got my authority I’d have a new MC and appear as a noobie.
By being under them they (brokers/customers) see a carrier in business 8 years, 100+ trucks (mostly all O/Os), good safety rating but that’s not all..
Most all the brokers I’ve worked with we’re already set up and the “carrier” has done business with before and built a good service record with.
I feel there is huge value in that and plays a factor in commanding the rates that I do.

Overall there truly is a lot of value in their 10% and another aspect is my time.
I currently have two trucks and am aiming for a third by Summer.
Managing drivers and working to get the best rates possible takes a lot of my time and time is money. There is only so much I can do as one person but by being leased onto this carrier I have staff and support on my side.
Couple examples..
If a broker is giving me a hard time over detention pay, I’ve told them and they have offered to help on fighting to get me money (which they have succeeded).
Another example is a TONU (truck order not used). Long story short one time a broker screwed me on a load and then was giving me a hard time on paying. I told my carrier what was going on and that I was slammed. They went to work for me and got me my money. Those are examples of them going the extra mile helping me out and saving me time.
For me personally I feel I just can’t beat the value that is here and 90% pay, plus being treat as a person part of a team and not a number.

There’s really no need to be giving up 20%+ to be leased to a carrier if you don’t go the own authority route.
For me 90% works and is worth it where I’m at, Mag carriers out of Georgia.
There are a few other good paying similar programs out there I considered, this ain’t the only one but it has worked for me.
Most of all wherever you consider try to be sure you get paid what you’re worth and deserve. Too many out here take advantage of trucks drivers, we deserve better.

I will share on this thread some of my experiences working the open market which I am here. Feel free to ask any questions.



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