H.E.B in San Antonio TX. Had two run ins with the same unpleasant receiving clerk there. The first time my directions sent me to the wrong building, so he was mad because I was late. It didn’t matter that I was at the wrong building. Blew it off, and hoped never to go there again.

Second time, I was on time, right building, but stuck at the guard shack behind a rig whose driver locked his keys in the truck. Couldn’t go around in the other lane because it was full of trucks too. Soon as I could I got over and went around. Mr Mad was in full force, tells me to back into door whatever, well, when I get in there, someone comes out and tells me, “No, you have to move to door XX, we gave that door away.” Nevermind that the door I was in is the one he told me to back into less than ten minutes before. So I pull out and go to the second door, back in, and go inside. Told him I was going to unload myself, asked where the hand jack was, only to be told “You can’t unload that trailer, it’s too heavy for you (paper towels), hire a lumper.” ( I should probably point out that I am a short female). Needless to say, I was infuriated, but left the dock after hiring one of their “fleecers” to unload all those heavy paper towels without tearing someone’s head off or muttering one cross word. The funny thing was, I was a warehouse worker for over eight years before I started driving trucks, and I’ve hauled pallets repeatedly over an eight or twelve hour period weighing almost three thousand pounds. If we were short on forklifts, you used the hand jack all shift, no matter how heavy the skids were. I think he just didn’t want me to unload cuz he knew I’d be done quicker than his freakin lumpers and make them look bad.
Glad I’ll never see THAT place again.



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