Actually OP is right.

I have watched everything fritter away to inflation. And they are still paying people 0.34 a mile today if they can get away with it. Wife got 0.28 after FFE approved her from training pay of 350 gross a week to second seat in 2001. At the end of 2001 I earned about 0.48 as a top hand OTR. I didnt care what thousands were in the bank by the end of the first month. More the second and so on.

And here are we back to Piece work and sweatshop miles conditions down as low as 0.17 in three people trucks. Conditions themselves most people will never accept much less dynamic, moving and all weather and terrain day and night.

1934 had a rule with the then newly popular 8 hour workday. Trucking was excluded from certain methods of pay on purpose. However for decades economy and taxes etc relatively now SS did not exist until 1966 or nearly so as we understand it today. If you got smashed by a pallet and mained, your trucking days were over and you went home to exist with parents in a spare room upstairs. Maybe get healthy enough to be their caregiver later in life as exchange.

Today if you got hurt things are possible even with the right care to be retreaded and return to the industry. But why? I have essentially a lifetime of experience and all employers wont hire due to newbie like no records and no experiene on paper last 10 years. That’s BS. I consider myself lucky to have two that will.

At some point we might as well go to robot trucks. Totally eliminate human BS, costs, losses, flip flops, urine etc OTR. Why bother. Eliminate that payroll too. Cut down on the losses to the trucks until you realize chasing after bricked trucks deep in a wyoming winter is a loss event all it’s own. Eliminate the benefits and pension costs too. Truck bricks, junk it, purchase another bring it to your specs at 55 mph go clog up the interstates until more people are killed in weather events herded up around you.

As far as popularity, thats not what I am here for. If I am not stumbling between coffeepot and mug on the floor I am actually trying to help some that can be helped and #### the rest who wont. =)



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