1. Apologies if there is already a thread on this, couldn’t find the answer by searching so here it is.
    Im expecting to go solo sometime next week. I have plenty of experience in training (Three months worth of training with Rohel and Jrayl at this point.), but no experience in running solo.
    What should I have to put in my assigned truck when I go solo? I know of a few things; CB, TV, Fridge, and microwave. Just wondered if there is anything else I am missing in my to get list.


  2. sleeping bag that can handle cold weather. Sometimes your bulk heater won’t work and you cant idle. Bring an aux cord or something to play it on your truck speaker so u can listen to audiobook, podcast or music. Obviously gps and dash cam


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  3. Because new drivers can get worn out pieces of crap for a truck, I suggest for the first six months to stay as light as you can. There are many drivers out there who have had to leave their belongings and get on a bus headed for a replacement tractor. Some of the said drivers have never found their things. The average mega carrier could not give a rats behind about your property. Give that some serious thought!


  4. Sleeping bag makes sense. Its pretty cold up here in Northern indiana. What GPS would you recommend? Ive looked at Randy Mcnally as well as Garman so far. (The truck GPS version of course.)


  5. So in other words, I better not pack anything more than what I can fit in a suitcase and backpack, since I could get reassigned trucks at a moments notice. Alrighty, ill keep this in mind.


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  6. Take what you need. Just be aware when getting a tractor it is a crapshoot. I am right now waiting to hear from a friend about his daughter. Her tractor was put in a Freightliner shop on Friday. Her company told her to get on a bus and head across several states to get another truck. Thankfully in her case, her folks are helping get her things home. Sometimes you can ship these things home or rent a car. Still keep that possibility in mind.


  7. Are you OTR or a local position?..


  8. Ive never shipped things before, (Besides online shopping.) renting a car doesn’t seem too bad though. Last I checked, it was around $150 a day.
    I did however get this lesson when I was terminated from Roehl. Ended up having to get a bus ticket from their Garry terminal back home on my dime and left some things behind on my trainer’s truck. Luckily, it wasn’t anything valuable.
    So ever since that happened, I have came to understand that this exact thing could happen while im solo; so ill be sure to keep some money aside to get myself and my stuff back home.


  9. Im going over the road. Im being promised hometime every other week as of now. Ill find out what my actual hometime is when I go solo.


  10. A really good pillow. Look for 12v plugs for all electrical devices, phone, etc. if you have an inverter in your truck built in perhaps a small extension cord. Some built in plugs are in weird places in sleeper


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