1. Hey, I’m just checking to see if Schneider bulk is really that bad as the majority of online opinions seem to say. I’m looking for versatile first-year experience that can set me up for a good crude oil job. I don’t mind being run on OTR, but I hear it’s a lot of waiting and only 2k miles should be expected. I want to work FULL-TIME! Thanks


  2. Pm me I’m about 6 months in


  3. It’s ok for a starter, the pay isn’t the best out there but they will train you well


  4. Just left them after 6 months. Don’t do it. It’s crap pay to start with and on top of that they do not have the loads. It was really slow. There were lots of days sitting far away from home. I mean like sitting for 4 to 5 days waiting for a load. Multiple times. The only thing that made me stay 6 months was the sign up bonus. People on here keep saying their training is good but it really was not. It was very short training. It was mediocre at best. I learned most things while I was on my own


  5. Well that sounds like a nightmare. Where did you sit for 4-5 days? NYC?


  6. No…only passed thru NYC. New Jersey, Gary IN, ATL, Chattanooga


  7. what is this meme? do they send you for resets in remote places without food options?


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