I was exploring the upper floor. They left many doors open. One in particular contained a printer of spreadsheet size, on that printer by SSN for all people associated with company in any capacity (I remember one O/O who owed them 50,000 USD for a new tractor in those days…) and myself for a couple hundred.

And the other column indicated the fleet mileage pay revenue on my particular coil load about 2.42 So take 0.38 off 2.42 the company is doing quite well for that money across the fleet.

That was quite enough for my eyes before I got chased out of there and the door slammed properly. Nothing more was said about that one. I do in those days alot of exploring. You learn many things that are not explained at all.

However since everything was open and I was a valid employee up there accessing their other computers for further information on myself and my unit there was no harm done. Once they understood I understood their systems they quit being very open on their internal notes etc. It was way better in those days than trying to be a fly on the wall unnoticed.

Thankfully those days are long gone. I generally limit information to when, who, what, where and why. Once I had all five then its possible to generate a yes or no. Or sometimes when you realized just how outrageous sometimes they try to be, you hollar “Thats BS” in a volume designed to have the whole floor hear you. “Columbus in 8 hours?! HA… everyone knows you need 14 to do that.” Which means a 10 hour run and then a 8 hour rest for some more running the next morning. Its easier when the drivers room is right there in the corner with 40 opinionated drivers who cannot be bothered with a 100 mile load dispatch but will take your 3000 mile haul.



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