1. These people will cheat you out of your money and starve you.not to mention charging 260,000 dollars for a truck 2 years old .please do yourself a favor.dont work for them.ive been out here 28 years and they are the worst ive ever seen.


  2. These one – two sentence posts with no info are a joke.


  3. Its no joke .they are crooks


  4. I have paperwork to prove it


  5. With 28 years experience, why would someone even take a chance on a L/P? And $260,000.00 for a 2YO truck isn’t in the fine print somewhere? Did your lawyer review the papers before you signed?


  6. Lawyers? He don’t need no stinkin’ lawyers, he’s been doing this for twenty-eight years!


  7. they are a great bunch of folks. they was able to fleece a 28,000 a year vet. I bet when he got that shiney new truck he felt great now that he have to work for it he piss and moan.


    snowlauncher Thanks this.

  8. For $260,000 it better have a gold toilet in it or something made out of gold in it…
    Geez,that’s more than my mortgage,my 2 car payments and my wife’s car payment COMBINED-and we would still come out ahead..


  9. I piss and moan for my 2006 peterbilt


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