I am looking to get my CDL as soon as possible but want something that is going to be valid for employers. I have found three options.

1) local community college, seems well-funded, but the program takes 8 weeks full-time (10 weeks if you do a night/weekend program). It also doesn’t start until early January so I would be waiting almost 2 months from now, and it would not complete until the end of February 2020. Total about $4000-4500

2) 160 Driving Academy local branch – they say it can be completed in 3 or 4 weeks, unsure when the next class begins but hopefully sooner than January (total cost about $4000-4500)

3) Drive Rite 57 where you can pay by the lesson: CDL Training – Drive-Rite I was told the total cost is about $2500 but that it varies based on how many lessons you need to pay for, i.e. if you are struggling you will need more lessons before you get there.

As far as I know the only one that is “accredited” is the community college. But does this make a difference? I would like to have the best experience, but I also don’t want to not be able to drive until 4 months from now, when some of these programs take a few weeks.

Does anyone have thoughts? I am in Maryland, if there are any other good local options such as company training programs, etc. I would prefer to have a regional position when I get my CDL rather than OTR if that is possible. Tanker or hazmat would be interesting to me too.

If I pass the CDL test, but attended one of the less-legit schools, would a company not want to hire me even though I had demonstrated by passing the CDL test that I had learned the same material?



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