The SmartWay Partner TransAm Trucking was recently recognized for being one of the top earners for environmental sustainability. The company was featured on the latest SmartWay Excellence list. As a result, the carrier was honored with the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award for 2019. See what this means for the trucking industry and how you can improve your trucking career with a job at TransAm.

SmartWay Partner TransAm Trucking

driver on the road in transam semi truckThe SmartWay Program by the EPA is all about environmental sustainability. This extends from the way that trucking companies and drivers handle fuel use to driver behavior. In addition, these trucking companies are partners with the SmartWay Program. They are provided with the latest technology and equipment for making the most of the fuel economy per mile. Companies like SmartWay are all about handling this technology and equipment so they can improve their ROI.

For every gallon of diesel saved, this, in turn, saves money for carriers. TransAm and other companies can turn that money around into trucking benefits and salary bonuses. In fact, this is one of the ways these companies keep booming in any economic strain. They are positioned to offer the latest technology and equipment to save money for each and every mile run by drivers.

About the SmartWay Excellence Award

As such, it is a great honor to provide TransAm with the SmartWay Excellence Award. Via TransAm Trucking, Inc. President Russ McElliott, “We are pleased and honored that our performance has been recognized through the EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Award. Our partnership with MHC Kenworth has allowed us to construct a fleet that is focused on conserving energy and lowering greenhouse emissions. TransAm takes deep pride in our progress within the industry and fully recognizes the importance of protecting our environment in doing so.”

McElliott continued, “Through this program, the EPA seeks out companies that inspire others within the commercial freight industry that utilize innovative technologies and business practices that save fuel, cut costs, and further protect the environment. It is with great pride, and not lightly, that TransAm receives this recognition.”

Truck Driving Jobs at TransAm

For a new driver hired on at TransAm, the company is paying a sign-on bonus of $2,500. This is for the company driving jobs at TransAm. As a company driver, you are going to be operating the newest equipment, a Kenworth T680 with an automatic transmission. The trucks also come equipped with APUs, dual bunks for team drivers, and condo cabs. You get your own CD player and satellite radio fully equipped with your truck. If you choose to work as an independent contractor at TransAm, you can. In this case, you are given the choice of leasing a truck through the company to have the same Kenworth T680.

TransAm provides drivers with a driver retention bonus, too. This is great for helping truck drivers feel more wanted after working for the duration for a carrier. At TransAm, company drivers get $100 more a month for each month after 12 months of working at the company. In addition, independent contractors earn $125 a month for every month past 12 months of working for TransAm. To work for this company and be a part of this transportation provider and its commitment to sustainability, check out our trucking jobs here at Trucker Classifieds.

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