1. We met a female driver today. We moved our car out of the way in a Pittsburgh parking lot so she could make a safe turn around. I want to report that she was very polite and seems to be a very safe driver. Thank you for hiring safe drivers!! Happy holidays!! Safe travels!!!!


  2. Thank you, for noticing…and thanking us. We drivers aren’t the bad people a few ‘bad apples’ portray us to be.

    Again, thank you.


  3. thats not a walmart truck number. you need to call that company she drives 4.


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  4. thanks for being a good person and motorists. when we work together we save together.


  5. Must be a troll, there is no way a 4 wheeler would say anything good about a truck driver


  6. Swift, pulling WalMart. Hope the O/P sees this, btw.


  7. Probably Schneider. Swift tractors are 6 digits.


  8. True…..



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