1. There’ll be more yet, and then when rates turn back around you’ll see the same increase in new truckers and carriers we did the last few years, it’s all a cycle. The more big carriers go away the better in my opinion.


  2. They’ve finally hired enough immigrants in white volvos to run at 49 cpm.
    The games over.
    They win.


  3. How about we corner the market on jogging suits and price them all at $400?


  4. Don’t forget the open toed sandals to go with the jogging suits.


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  5. one thing everybody overlook? A hook tow you 6 miles and will charge 500.00, Then you go to the Shop any of them they charge 75- 100 hr guess what they get it. No problem but when it comes to rates Greed makes most fail. Celadon was doing criminal acts. Folks that uses other people money to pump up their Fleets always end up going under eventually. I think lease purchase should end because it’s taking all the profit out of being a owner operator. 1000.00 week notes 52 k a year 45-60k fuel a year then break downs, food expense, stress will cost more than a truck will ever be worth. Math example 52000+52000 fuel= 104,000 right then your Escrows, insurance, Etc let’s say another 3000 so not counting food and personal hygiene bare minimum 50.00 wk 2500 a year. So now the figure 109,000 year in expenses. You run the wheels off and clear 40-50 k but now you have to pay tax you per diem 12- 14 yr so you pay tax on the remainder but I’m going to tell you your truck will be used up and the value will be less than a quarter of what you paid especially if it’s a aero and I mean any Manufacturer. I wish guys and girls would listen and not fail themselves. It doesn’t matter who owns the truck it’s all about profits. The company don’t want to own the trucks that’s why the used truck market is flooded. Look 150,000 -110,000 is 40,000 freedom to pick loads to make money for the company. Sad business of trucking because of lack of respect for the drivers. You go out on the road for weeks you out of pocket these companies can care less. I wouldn’t play I live in my truck for anyone. Life is too precious to waste it always on the road. I’m talking about who stay out a 3weeks to a month or more. You don’t get paid any extra.


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  6. As long as there are guys lining up to be fleeced, it will continue…


  7. And even with all these companies closing up, there are still too many trucks.


  8. By the way they are closing shop all of them hired up until the last day. They may be more but the games are coming to light. The companies are going to have to be fair. The driver coming out of school expects to be underpaid over worked and black balled. The industry developed a get away from you min wage job and drive 3 weeks your a professional. No education requirements here
    No type of test to see if the driver can make sound a decision just hurry up. The industry been hit a low. The way the media comes from makes drivers look dumb. It’s tough and it’s not going to get any better. Some companies still pay 30- 40 k a year maybe 50 yr. These fools want no 30 min break no Hos regs they want 72 hrs and more for less money. I would take 60 hrs a week max. And them rates will go up. The truckers like to complain about it but they keep showing up.


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  9. And guess what they close down leaving you to fend for yourself while in possession of their truck? I will never travel no more than a day away from my house if driving otr rather it be Company or Owner Op. It’s no such thing a regional it’s otr if you on the road. Regional a fancy term used recruit. Every time during winter they like to leave people out in the cold. Why didn’t the reporters on the news offer a way home?


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