Capital Transportation Solutions is a trucking company that was founded in 1997. This company is associated with another trucking company called Odyssey Logistics and Technology in Danbury, CT with its ground freight division. These two companies are partners to provide truckers with truck driving jobs in the intermodal trucking division. Find out more about trucking jobs and what it takes to get one at Capital Transportation Solutions.

Ground Freight Hauls with CTS

red semi truck over the roadCapital Transportation Solutions is a business management consulting company working in the transportation industry. The company, CTS, is affiliated with a division called Ground Transportation at Odyssey. The truck drivers at CTS are handling less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), intermodal, expedited, international freight, and brokerage services. The LTL trucking services are available for US and Canadian trucking companies and shippers. The truckload division provides TL freight throughout the US. Then you have the expedited and intermodal freight divisions, both offering economic and specialized freight handling services.

If you have experience in the LTL, TL, or intermodal haul divisions, you are eligible for a trucking job at Capital Transportation Solutions. This company manages all of these divisions, which ensures that there is a constant stream of work to be covered. Truck drivers who are interested in working for CTS will note that the company is based in Kennesaw, Georgia and has no other terminal branches. However, you are also working in association with the Ground Division at Odyssey Logistics and Technology based in Connecticut. Therefore, you will want to connect with the Odyssey trucking company to find trucking jobs at Capital Transportation Solutions.

Freight Hauling Industries

Capital Transportation Solutions provides freight hauling solutions for several industries as well. This includes food, medical, and energy shipping customers, as well as chemical haulers and industrial shippers for metals and manufacturing companies. There are so many trucking divisions at Capital Transportation Solutions that you’ll be able to find somewhere to fit in when you apply to a trucking job here. Look for the affiliated parent company, Odyssey, and trucking jobs at this company here at Trucker Classifieds. See what kind of trucking jobs you can find in your neck of the woods.

Finding a Trucking Job Fast

We also have a free application process ready to help you connect with the type of jobs you want to find. You know the kind–the ones that make the most money for your mileage. After all, that’s the goal with this trucking job search–sort through the thousands of jobs available daily to find those diamonds in the rough. Those trucking jobs at companies paying the most cents per mile and the top of the line in terms of driver benefits.

See what you can do with your career in the trucking industry when you start a trucking application right here at Trucker Classifieds. It just takes one application to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Then you can start reaping the rewards as a well-paid truck driver working for a company that truly appreciates you. Find more information and your next trucking job today with Trucker Classifieds at your service.


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